The Story Of Chevaugn Powell

This is Chevaugn’s story, his journey and his life. The story of Chevaugn Powell is written with deep reminiscence and anecdote in mind. Pertinence and transparency will be kept throughout with no hindrance. This story is being written.

Where it all started

On a cold Saturday morning, January 21, 1995, exactly at 1 am, Chevaugn Powell was born at the University Hospital of the West Indies. He was born in the presence of his married parents, the Powell’s. His Caucasian dad who was most ecstatic to meet him was the first person to hold him. His mother who streams from a Jamaican descent was there with families from both sides. While at the UWI hospital, his parents were informed that there had been a major complication during delivery, particularly dominant in his brain, as it was pulsating rapidly. This complication necessitated admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where he was placed inside an incubator for 2 weeks under close observation. After two weeks had passed, he was out of the incubator, healthy and ready to be discharged home to his parents. Upon leaving the hospital, his mother vividly recalled when the nurse grabbed him to say her goodbyes, stared him in the eyes and said “What a baby eye bright!”

He was his mom’s 5th child and the only one with a separate father. As his mother held him up for the first time, she whispered to herself, ” Lord, please bless this baby with exceptional knowledge, I have been praying for this”. As he was the only child for his dad and still is, both parents made it their duty to ensure that he was not in need of anything. They dedicated their time to growing and nurturing the newborn. At a very early age, his mother found out that he was not like the average child and there were plenty of signs of giftedness. With this in mind, the involvement of his parents and close family members were prudent and assiduous.

Chevaugn Powell
A Photo of Chevaugn Powell at age 24.

The Awakening Of A Gifted Child

Young Chevy was reaching his milestones at a much faster rate than his peers, he started walking before crawling at 7 months old, helping himself off the bed/crib without the help of others before 7 months old and hardly ever crying, even in situations that justified a baby crying. With these things and other subtle signs that were both promising yet scary, his parents were on the edge of their thoughts, ” Is this baby incredibly intelligent or is he situating to become deformed ?” While his unusual and unorthodox patterns left his family eerie, they still had strong hopes of the future for him.

He was raised by his parents and grandparents on both sides of the family. While growing up, he was on the more introverted side of the spectrum. While in kindergarten, he was quiet, observant and by himself most times. He didn’t get along so well with friends, mainly because he chose to be by himself most of the time as he enjoyed doing that a lot. His usual routine in kindergarten involved his dad bringing him to school in the mornings and coming back for him in the afternoons. Once he was home, he would play with his toys or read comics and watch his brother, who was an engineer, fix the electronics around the house.

When He Was First Introduced To Technology

He can remember clearly at age 4 when he was in kindergarten, they had computer classes which was his favorite class besides Mathematics. He can vividly recall first logging into Microsoft windows 98, the teacher was showing the class the basic features: powering on, all programs, restarting, my computer. etc. That first day, he was shunned by the beauty, the simplicity and robustness of the technology. While all the other children had invigilators were next to them, repeatedly informing them on the basics, Chevaugn was by myself encapsulating the deeper roots, exploring the BIOS, navigating through areas that the teachers never knew were possible. He was the last one to leave that afternoon. He then rushed home to use the computer that was at his house. And, from that day, at age 4, the computer never left him. Two years after, at age 6, he could completely disassemble a laptop, reconstruct the logic board with solder and solder wires, operate on the BIOS of a computer, troubleshoot technical and hardware problems with his iPod, Sony Ericson phone and peripheral devices. Not only did he watched and followed his brother but he read all his books and found a fondness for the internet, which was “” at that time. As he got older, the internet, books and gadgets became his best friends. His passions originated from the curiosity of knowing what’s inside or understanding technology thoroughly; “It felt natural, coherent and challenging”, he said. His adaption of critical thinking and problem-solving stems from his uninterrupted competitiveness and resiliency to find out “why does this work, what makes it work and what’s inside of it?” approach.

Chevaugn vs School

While figuring out what he wanted to do with his life or what some people called “Their purpose in life“, he continued with school, assessing different topics and subject areas. At a very early age, he found out school wasn’t for him, not to say he was being lazy or just hating school because of the mere reasons. If you give a child the ability to stay home or go to school, he or she will most likely be staying home. However, not referring to this in particular, but for him, it was totally different. While he was an “A” student throughout his entire course of the schooling system, he knew within himself he wasn’t giving his all. He just didn’t have that passion or drive to follow a routine, dogmatic and conformist procedure to fine-tune and solicit an uncreative modus operandi for “Success”. He didn’t complain or blame his parents because that was just society’s way of putting things. Most of our parents are unaware of the bigger problem. He did enjoy school while it lasted, he met good friends, shared awesome memories and most of all gave his portion of love. He excelled at school but the teachers pointed him out because they just didn’t understand how he effortlessly succeeded academically, topping his class and outshining others without actual drudgery. And, by such his report card comments at the end of each semester would state ” Chevaugn is a brilliant student that surpasses others tremendously, however, he has more potential and needs to act on them.”

His peers, teachers, and associates usually are confused with how he spends his time and what he does or how he is able to do it. This most times raises suspicions while at school and with friends. Most people didn’t know he partook in three types of educational avenues: public schooling, private schooling, and self-learning mandate. While in public school, he sporadically used notebooks or took notes from lectures or teachers. He was always doing something apart from listening to the teacher, writing down notes and conforming. Instead, He ventured vividly in his imaginations, reading on other scientific books (Black holes, Innovations and logics, etc) and working out weird mathematical sequences and algorithms at times. However, what most students or people didn’t know was that he was doing what 98% of the other students weren’t doing. He read the entire books on his school’s syllabus – from mathematics to biology to electrical engineering. He even went ahead and bought and read additional books on the same subjects from different writers, practiced online courses, read reports/journals and downloaded all the past papers from 10 years prior – practiced and reviewed them. He did all of this at home, in his spare time. He knows personally that he didn’t have the fun those kids back in the days usually had, However, he found happiness in knowing. Before classes, he would usually read the entire topic prior or most times read the entire book on the given subject and more. So, whenever he did an exam and when questions were asked he promptly answered correctly before his other counterparts and always questioned the teachers’ opinions. He sincerely found it interesting. With such intensive knowledge and wide polymath aspect, he never studied for exams or important tests, instead, he would usually just show up to an exam and give it his best shot based on previously acquired knowledge. He topped all his classes growing up, resulting in special attention from both adults and students.

Being Smart Vs Being Intelligent

Smart can be described as a student who has a correct answer but, intelligence can be described as a student that solves the problem or tries to answer the question from a different perspective or by using other means/resources. Trying to overcome the barriers that are set, you set yourself apart based on your knowledge as well as personality.

Many people can attest to the fact that intelligence is gained through education but no, what you gain from education is cleverness as well as knowledge. Intelligence is truly something we are born with and it can be manifested through various ways.

Intelligence is the measurement of your ability to become smarter through learning. “

Chevaugn was a child who emanates intuition and brilliance that at a very early age. Knowing the competitive person he was, his motive for doing something always revolved around becoming the better person, and if all is passed, all that’s left is yourself. He remembered at one point in time in his teenage years, he deliberately and purposely tried to fail at a few particular things in life, specifically, school assignments. Even though he sucked at this, he remembered wholly, not giving his ultimate best in his exams a particular semester which resulted in him moving from his usual first-place position to second place. His classmate who was now in first place glittered in joy for what she had achieved. The irony, however, was that Chevaugn felt much happier seeing someone else happy and this provided a greater feeling. He found out something about himself then, other people’s happiness made him joyous and there was nothing in this world he enjoyed more than watching someone else being beatific. He found the feeling to be thrilling, contagious and rapturous. And, from that day he carried that portion of sharing with him, embracing others and lowering his calibre when necessary, in both truths and honesty.

Emotional Intelligence

With this been a known factor, he began engulfing himself in social activities, exploring friendships, love relationships and connecting with others. This led him onto a totally different path, different from his usual. He learned the other side of intelligence, which was emotional intelligence and caring. He actively started volunteering, forming groups and embracing changes. For the first time, he had a balance between academics and his social life. He spent more time in social scenarios and relationships. However, from a very tender age, he was always approached by girls and associates with words like ” You are such a cute boy, I love your dimples, smiles, and face”. He never really entertained such implications, mainly because he was shy or just never up to par. But, as he approached his teenage years, he started having meaningful conversations and it became very easy for him. It seemed as though he knew what to say for any argument and questions. However, sometimes he can become too rational that it ended up in awkward silence. Females started throwing themselves onto him, not because of his intellect, one said, but because of his kindness, charm and enticement. From then his perspective on life gradually changed and the books and articles he started reading were in the category of self-development, spirituality and zen enlightenment. Within the public school system, the main purpose was to do well on what’s called “CSEC” Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate. He did his CSEC, graduated from high school and came out with top passes along mathematics, science and technology.

After Leaving School

After graduation, at approximately 17 years old, he was officially out of public school but the learning didn’t stop there. He continued with his private classes and personal learning. He was now spending a lot more time on the computer, testing and experimenting on a whole different aspect of the internet and its potentials. He then started playing poker, free online poker. He remembered becoming so attached and interested in this game that he started losing sleep and missing important deadlines. Around that time, being deeply involved with the internet, gathering more knowledge and playing poker. He sooner mastered the art of Poker.

Poker had though him a valuable lesson :

We are all dealt with cards , while some people have better cards, we all have a chance to play and based on mathematical probability some people cards have better chances of winning. However, the predominance of the game is not who has the better cards but how we play the cards we are dealt with. Some people in life are born with better cards while some have bad cards. The reality of the story is that it’s what we do with what we have, how we use our time and most of all never folding because you just never know what can be that last card at the end “River card”

via Chevaugn Powell

He can remember being all alone- no friends, family or associates were around, not because of them abandoning him but because of how occupied and busy he was, around the computer and laptops all day. He would spend approximately 17-20 hours per day on the computer and sometimes even sacrificing sleep. He spent the time researching, reading, building, creating and learning so many things, so fast and he enjoyed every single bit of it.

Accepted into A University In Canada

At that time, 17 years old Chevaugn was accepted into a university in Canada and the plans and intentions were for him to live and pursue his degree there. While the process was at its final stage, something happened that paused the migration. But, in truth, he wasn’t really interested in pursuing a degree or living overseas. He was very much comfortable and well off with his competence, current situation and where he was in life. A degree at that time would have never made a difference, especially for him.

Technology, Sacrifices and People

As he spent countless hours around the computer every day, staying inside, avoiding friends, partying (wasn’t his kind of thing) and family; he sacrificed a lot in terms of quality time and support. However, it was not something he chose to happen. It just happened naturally and was just how he was wired.

Around that time in his life, at age 17, he started getting involved in web development and online business ventures. He tried and did it all, all that you can imagine. He wasn’t looking for anything particular, neither was he looking to make money. His natural urge to compete, build things and be apart of something bigger made him a versatile person in areas that seemed esoteric. He remembers taking out his own debit card to start making real transactions online. He taught himself self web development, online publishing, the media and advertising industry, project management, taxes and a lot more things around that time. He would usually spend 70% of his day learning new things and the other 30% actually applying and doing actual tasks. This gave him a hands-on approach that he would have never received at a school or from a teacher. Following up, a couple of months or a year had passed doing the same things over and over – Learning, experimenting and creating – he grew to understand what he really wanted to do. He was very good at solving problems, troubleshooting complex situations and providing solutions to a wide area of topics, polymath. He applied this to a website he created, which he called “Technobezz”.

The Creation of Something BIG

He created websites before while younger but only for fun. The first real website he created was at age 17, which today is now a company ( which was completely spontaneous) called Technobezz. He built this website from the grounds up, wrote all the articles and marketed it himself. It was a one-man operation at that time. Meanwhile starting his own websites, he was freelancing online, creating websites, applications and SaaS for clients that requested his services, but to a limited selection. He used all the proceedings from these freelance services to fuel his projects. He did freelancing for only 3 months. He eventually stopped as it wasn’t something he enjoyed, working for others or dedicating his time for money. At that time he already had enough money to do or fund whatever projects he had. He remembered creating a complex eCommerce platform for a client in Costa Rica, which ended up being his biggest project ever. They became very close friends and the client admired his competences and work. While adding content on Technobezz, styling its CSS, debugging PHP problems and tediously improving and mastering SEO – he started hiring other people – Writers, specifically.

By age 18, his websites were already reaching over 200,000 monthly visitors and the articles, videos and tutorials he created had helped thousands of people. He was fortunate enough to have had a lot of gadgets and devices around him, being in a family where Technology was prominent. He could remember whenever someone had a problem, he would brainstorm and find solutions either by testing different workarounds or dissembling the device to find out the root of the problem. This hands-on approach created original and authentic content on his websites. At that time, all articles, solutions and methods were never found online on any website. His solutions were new and given this fact, his work was loved, not only by users but by Google and other larger search engines. He continued to add original content using his self approach method that he tested and operated on. A couple of months passed by and the website started gaining a lot of traction and people from all over the world started visiting this website. He then increased his team of writers and started writing on all areas of technology. Around that time, his websites were receiving more than 67 million monthly search impressions and over 2 million monthly page views. This ranked the website within the top #2,000 most popular website in the USA out of over 1 billion websites in the world. This was the next level of success for him to achieved at age 17.


He must admit that not only does his expertise and passion within the area of technology, science and problem-solving made whatever he was doing successful but his continuous work on all areas of the business, because at that time he had to treat it like a company. He was receiving over 139 emails per day about advertising, sponsorship and deals. At that time he taught himself everything from managing deals, contracts, human resource management and investments. He was now even more occupied with doing everything himself. As most entrepreneurs would understand, it’s very hard initially to delegate effectively and he had problems with this. He believed at that time he could have done everything himself and that he was the only one that could do it how he wanted it to be done. While this can be a very bad work ethic, he found out later that he needed to make a change. He started creating project management roadmaps with all of his other teammates and delegated, assigned and monitored accordingly. This drastic change gave him a lot more time to do other things like reading, listening to audiobooks and traveling.

He stayed inside far too long, he missed the sun, he needed to start meeting other people and start socializing. Given the fact that the company was established and everything was now passive (meaning- he didn’t have to do anything or be involved with any work for the operation to continue), he could now go out and explore. He had his other teammates working every day, with him monitoring and making sure everything was going right.

He Moved Out

He decided to leave his parent’s house, not because he could afford to do so but because he needed experience. He needed to know what it was like to pay bills, to take care of household necessities and to live with another partner. He finally made that move and he leased an apartment for 1 year at age 18. During that time, he was getting his hands dirty around the house, taking care of the regular maintenance and appreciating the company of another person, meanwhile working on his projects. Note that the companies he had, didn’t require him to work everything and most time he would only work for 2 hours or less per week. Even at this time, the work was minimal and included things like checking analytics, emails and assigning new projects and tasks to employees. It wasn’t like this initially, it took a couple of months to ensure everything was flowing passively and orderly. While having so much time on his hands and been involved with other life activities, he started reading a lot more, going out on movie dates and going out to the beach occasionally.

He Bought His House, Age 20

One year had passed by and the lease was ending soon. He now decided he had learned everything he needed to know about living with a partner and having responsibilities. He, therefore, went ahead and purchased his first house at age 20. While this may have been a big milestone for a lot of people, it just felt indifferent for him, nothing over the top or exciting, just normal. Of course, he was happy and grateful but he was also extremely humble at the same time. He didn’t have a lot of friends to really share the news with or make an announcement or host a welcoming party, just him and close family. He was perfectly fine with that. He seriously enjoyed his time alone and nothing was more refreshing to him than him being alone, reading and spending quality time meditating. Around that time, he was reading more than 100 books per year and was indeed addicted to reading. With so many time on his hands, he started reading on a lot of different subject areas, mostly self-development books like ” The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, Meditations from Marcus Aurelius, Conversation with God from Donald Walsch, Alan Watts Books, and other spiritual philosophers in the areas of zen enlightenment. It became apart of his life, he started participating in deep, truthful mediation and practicing thoughtful thinking. 70% of his portfolios were books pertaining to these kinds of categories.

He started different side projects, some failed and some succeeded.

The Awakening

After a year of continuous reading and self-development, he was a much better person, he started thinking differently, his perspective on life was completely renewed. Although he was a calm person before, his thoughts, motives and intentions were composed and he achieved a level of awareness that most people would have never achieved, his thoughts were that of someone in their 60s. He was very much excited about this, the more he learned and became, was the more he wanted to experience. He achieved nirvana through self-discipline, contentment via thoughts and by adapting the reasoning ability of a monk, by the age of 21. This led him to have very older friends as these were people he could relate to; friends that were 20 – 30 years older than him. He started attaching to people with the same energy and vibration. People who were experienced, people who found him very interesting and enjoyed spending time around him, and likewise.

While his work didn’t involve him working every day, he still found something to do, something to learn or a new project to start. Yes, he was still glued to his laptop and his phones, but only because he really did enjoy it and rather staying home than going out. This really fueled his growth, he had read over 390 books by the time he was 21. He spent a lot of money on new projects, experiments / A/B testings and books. He had a lot of nights where he did “All-Nighters” either at his house (where he had a dedicated office room) or a local café in Kingston like Pegasus. He has solved and fixed over 80,000 problems that were either online, work-related or personal. By solving these problems, he not only learned something new but what he learned was something that he could re-apply the next time, both personally and with his projects.

He is Self-Made

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” —

Henry Ford

A year after, at age 21, he had 7 companies – all of which were profitable and successful. His team grew from just 4 people to over 20 full-time employees and over 35 contributors and freelancers. He had businesses in Mobile technology, consumer electronics, media, publishing and advertising. Around that time, his brands and media properties were mentioned in popular magazines like CNN, Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, etc. His brands served over 500 million search impressions for that year, ranking his conglomerate company within the top 100 most visited websites in the world(Combined). While this was exciting news for him, he kept working, he kept trying to improve on himself, testing different avenues and opportunities. While the companies were growing at a rate of 80% per annum, he still remained humble, he tried to keep himself outside of the media.

Within his country, nobody really knows how successful he is, apart from his close family. This is mainly because of the work he does. In Jamaica where he lives currently, not everybody knows much or uses the internet like how he understands it. And, in fact, it’s quite new or unpresidential for him to create something of this magnitude in Jamaica. However, people from the United States / UK or the rest of the world would better understand and are much more likely to use one of their properties online. His Properties demographics are 95% United stated, UK and Canada, which simply means most of the customers and users are from these countries. His presence in Jamaica wasn’t that noticeable and he was fine by it, he doesn’t usually enjoy the spotlight anyways.

Fun fact though, a person will know how successful he is just by the tip he leaves at restaurants, cafés or at bars, he is a heavy tipper.

He usually dresses very simply and lucid – usually in a white T-shirt (He loves the colours white and grey) and blue jeans or his occasional suit and tie (Office Occasion), a white button-down shirt and tailored pants. He never wore designer clothes.

Bad Decisions

But, his kindness and generosity sets him apart. He did make some bad decisions as it relates to money. He remembered loaning close family members money or trusting people too much with regards to loyalty. He soon found out that not everyone that smiles with you has good intentions. People can be very good actors, with bad intentions, especially if money is involved. People used him for his generosity, kindness and money. He has gotten to understand that you don’t need a lot of friends or people to love you, you just only need one that truly loves you. And, for him, he was blessed to have more than one.


At age 21, while running the daily operations of his companies, he decided he needed to go out and meet new people, build his network of connections and more. And, what was the best place to do this? While he was visiting cafes, lounges and hotels occasionally to do work, he had met a lot of interesting people. However, he needed something concrete. It was either he went to university where he could meet other like-minded individuals or attend professional conferences. He then decided he was going to start university. He applied to the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona where he got accepted into the Computer Science programme. (Note that he previously attended university and attained around 70 credits). He decided to start again with the sole reason to meet, socialize and connect with brilliant minds. Well, that was a mistake, it seemed like not only were the students attending college, (especially in his major) either: Going to school because ” Money was in the field” or they were doing it because it was a cool factor, or the right thing to do or they just had no other way out, especially in Jamaica. He was disappointed, not only because the courses and curriculum were outdated but just the mere fact of knowing that what he started university for, the networking, was not where he most expected it. After 1 year, he decided to discontinue university and seek networking elsewhere.

His First Office Space

Chevaugn's Office
Outside View Of Chevaugn’s Parent Company in Kingston Jamaica

He opened his first office at age 22, Located in Liguanea Kingston 6. The complex offers professional business suites with high-end operation businesses. It was the first of its kind, right next to the USA embassy in Jamaica. He hired a personal assistant who works from the office and her role involves a lot of other things to ensure the effectiveness of Chevaugn, the smooth running of the office and local businesses. He then started a new company, adding to his existing 7, which he named “Jamaican Medium”. Jamaican Medium is a media conglomerate property that revolves around all things internet, technology and online media in Jamaica. The first website he created was Jamaican Medium Jobs.

Jamaican Medium Jobs was created and he hired a few Jamaican employees. Previously, most of his employees and teammates were overseas in other countries like the United States and Europe. He started working on Jamaican Medium Jobs, from the grounds up, built the website, did SEO work on it and marketed it. With his extensive knowledge about the industry and his previous successful brands, Jamaican Medium grew and become the #1 Job portal in Jamaica and the Caribbean in only 5 months, ranking page 1 on google for over 20,000 keywords. At that time, they had over 70,000 registered Jamaicans, and over 5,200 new applicants each month. With over 200,000 visits per month, Jamaican Medium was quickly ranked the top 50 most visited website in Jamaica 🇯🇲 This grew and reached 1 in 3 people across the island.

Chevaugn’s Impact

Chevaugn’s Donation- With a mission of building 10 houses for the poor with help from Remax Elite and Friends

At age 24, he continued to work on his daily operations, he started his foundation (Powell Charitable Foundation). He had helped a lot of people, donated for both educational and self-development purposes, and mentored a lot of people. He continues to be a good steward, remaining humble and solving the bigger problems in life. All of his brands now have millions of people worldwide and has offices in the UK, online Properties in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The Global impact leads them to contribute tremendous value to over 129 million people globally. His Jamaican Medium brands has contributed a lot to the Jamaican industry, the unemployment rate had dropped significantly and people were being accepted into Jobs and providing for their family.

While he has different brands that specialize in different services, it should be noted that all operate within its own niche and has empowered people not only financially but with contentment and possibilities. He’ll continue to set a good example and direct the path for many upcoming leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Everything Is Connected

This is Chevaugn Powell and this is HIS story. He’s a healthy, family-oriented and humble individual. He is married to a very intelligent, charming and beautiful medical doctor, he has no kids and is living a modest life in Jamaica. He travels a lot throughout North America and Europe with these philosophies “Your thoughts create your reality and knowing / not knowing (Knowledge ) is power“. He still reads 60-90 books per year, he enjoys white wines and playing poker and he absolutely loves being in the company of his family.

Chevaugn is a focused and driven individual who exudes brilliance, innovation and intuition. He leads with confidence and empathy leaving the lines of communication option to effectively facilitate the growth and development of his staff and company. He is constantly improving on his past achievements and it is in the light that I hold the expectations of greater things to come and he further hones and perfects his skills. He is highly knowledgeable in his field which allows him the freedom of creativity and innovation necessary for success.

Chevaugn is an inspiration to all those who aspire to the echelons of greater and will continue to be an even bigger, better more successful entrepreneur and leader

C. ChrisiteChevaugn Powell Persoanl Assistant

If you want to contact him, please send emails to him or connect via Linkedin

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